Application UI/UX

Steps & Activity

Client Noteworth
Year 2021
Role Product Designer
One way clinicians help patients manage their health is to set goals. I designed a robust system that patients can easily use to track their goals and provide clinicians with the information to build an entire patient timeline. The issue with most tracking apps is that that data is binary. Activity apps only track if your goal was completed or not. I made it easier to see what you are doing, how much you needed to do, and how it benefits your health by giving clinicians insight into your activity.

Allow patients to see their step and activity simultaneously so they can easily manage their goals.


Simplify the user flow to make the data easily digestible and provide patients a better way to monitor their health goals.

With competitive analysis, I looked at other tracking apps to compare core functionality and gaps in the design. While apps tracked pace, heart rate, steps and time, the data didn’t contribute to the overall health record over time for clinicians to track trends in patient activity. Single Image ITERATION

My initial thoughts on this feature was to simply clean up the user interface by leveraging existing designs and creating new elements to use throughout the user journey. I wanted to create user engagement with a combination of interactive elements such as graphs and dials and add pops of color.


After many iterations, I was able to design a simple and straightforward solution to address the patients needs. I created a flow diagram to map out the user journey and note any micro interactions. Not only did this make it easier when presenting to PM groups and key stakeholders, it provided a clearer picture when handing off to the engineering team. Single Image Final Product

Final Approach

What started as a redesign became an entire overhaul and refinement of a feature. I was able to put together a very simple and straight forward solution for our users that helped our user base easily manage their health goals. Single Image