Branding Creative Direction UI/UX

NDV Performance

Client Studio Misfits for NDV Performance
Year 2019
Role Senior Designer
NDV Performance gives you the education and training to gain a competitive edge to become an elite professional. Our education, training, and products will help you develop superior eye-mind-body reactions that will help you improve your game-speed performance.

By choosing a dark palette, I wanted to create a dramatic contrast with the company's primary red to really pull the user's attention throughout the site. I used consistent fonts from the brand guidelines the client provided which paired well with the dynamic tone I wanted to create.
The Challenge

The Challenge

Some of the challenges I faced when designing this website was trying to create a dynamic layout that was scalable to the amount of information given. During the wireframing phase, copy and direction of the website was unavailable. I created a dynamic layout that displayed movement but made sure that depending on the information given, I would be able to alter the sections to maintain the flow.
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The overall goal for this project was to design a website that represents their brand. With the fast pace nature of their product, I wanted to create something high impact, dynamic and engaging.