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Mopro Builder

Client Mopro
Year 2018
Role Product Designer
Expanding and redesigning the builder at Mopro meant streamlining the process of how to build a website. You may ask if it involved the actual editing a website, the answer is yes and no. I did help design tools within the process to edit websites but this project was helping design the infrastructure. By creating a step by step wizard, businesses using the product can build a website with a few simple steps. Along with this wizard, I designed the dashboard to better present other marketing tools.
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The main problem for this project was that all the tools were scattered across different screens and they were presented in a way that made them unusable. There was also a huge investment of time and money when creating a website.

I did some competitive analysis of other products like Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress to see what kind of flow they used and compare gaps in design. I interviewed support reps, the sales team and designers to figure out the needs and pain points. I wanted to design a product that will help our team help these businesses.
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By streamlining the process we're able to alleviate some of the back and forth. We also wanted to make a nice elegant product that promotes the brand and creates an environment for creatives.

If we can better the process, as a company we can keep retention rate for new customers high, reduce incoming calls and lower the overall tickets in queue.

I mapped out the user journey of the steps involved, I created a new style guide that I worked with engineering to implement and make sure its well maintained. The end product was a nice and clean interface using a lot of white space and pops of color. I wanted to look similar to the other products out there with a simple look but have a lot more to offer. What you see in the top two images are the first iterations of design. The CEO asked for a futuristic version floating in space but after shopping that around we went with the scaled back version below but still giving him that floating sense with the amount of shadows I used.

In the end I got really good feedback from the company, I was able to be part of the entire process, even got a patent for it, the support team was happy, retention rate was about 70% for new customers, and the business model shifted from singe clients and small businesses to bigger companies with multiple franchises.